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Unsubscribing from Precious-Things

Leaving the list is somewhat simpler than subscribing. To unsubscribe, send a message to which says:

unsubscribe precious-things

If you receive the digest, use this command instead:

unsubscribe precious-things-digest

Once majordomo receives your request, it will try to remove you from the subscription list and send you an note telling you if it succeded or not. Typically, it will have no problems, but there are some special circumstances where your unsubscribe command will not work.

The most common problem is that you are trying to unsubscribe from either the regular list or the digest when you are subscribed to the other one. The second most common problem is that you are subscribed under an address which is similar to but not quite the same as the address in the From: header of your unsubscribe command. For example, majordomo treats and as different addresses, even if mail to either address ends up in the same place.

Whatever the reason, if you should get such a message, forward majordomo's reply to and nicely explain that you are trying to unsubscribe and that majordomo is not being cooperative. Any additional information you can provide, such as any alternative e-mail addresses you might have or a copy of a message from the list including all of the headers, would be helpful too.

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