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Subscribing to Precious-Things

Precious-things is managed by the majordomo mailing list manager. This allows you to manage your subscription automatically.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send a message to which says:

subscribe precious-things

If you'd rather subscribe to the digest, the command is:

subscribe precious-things-digest

Once majordomo receives your command, it will send you back a request for confirmation. Confirmation is a security feature which prevents malicious people from forging mailing list subscriptions for other people (you may think this doesn't happen often, but you'd be surprised!)

To confirm your subscription, simply reply to the confirmation request, including the confirmation key in your reply. This key is the string of numbers and letters in the confirmation request you received from majordomo. You can type the key or cut and paste it into your reply, but the simplest way is to quote the entire text of the request in your reply (many mail programs do this automatically).

The key should be sent to Your reply should be automatically addressed to the correct address, but please check to make sure.

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