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Tori Amos Links

There is a wealth of Tori Amos information out on the web. Since an exhaustive list of all Tori websites out there would be impossible to create and maintain, here are some of the key websites and resources:

The official Tori Amos website.

Tori Amos Store

The official Tori Amos store, maintained by ARTISTDirect.

Atlantic Records Tori Amos page

Atlantic Records' artist page.

A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe

The premiere fan-run Tori Amos website. Up-to-the-minute news and more information that you could possibly want to know. Now streamlined for your browsing pleasure. All hail Mikewhy!

Really Deep Thoughts

The formerly offical Tori Amos fanzine now turned website. Generally timely news and information. As of the beginning of 2000, the RDT site now supports submissions from everyone to allow for faster dissemination and discussion of news and Tori-happenings.

Little Blue World

A new Tori Amos fanzine that formed due to the discontinuation of Really Deep Thoughts with justified aspirations to become the offical Tori Amos fanzine.

The Tori Amos FAQ

Answers to most of your questions about Tori. Sadly not updated since 1998. :-(

The Tori Amos Really FAQ

Really frequently asked questions. As of 1997 anyways.

The Tori Resources FAQ

A guide to online and offline information about Tori. Kinda like this page, only more detailed.

The Tori Amos Encyclopedia

An alphabetically-organized quick reference about the life and career of Tori Amos. Includes links to more details about most topics. Very nice.

Collecting Tori

Lianne MacDonald's guide to collecting Tori stuff. Features an excellent and detailed discography.

The Little Blue World Collectibles Guide

A summary of typical prices for Tori collectibles which supersedes the The r.m.t-a Price Guide).

The Tori Amos CD Bootleg Discography

Jason Bilsky's exhautive discography of the rather large number of Tori Amos CD Bootlegs.

The Y Kant Tori Read FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tori's real first record.

The Biggest Thickest Ever Sky

Tori Amos' lyrics with connotations and explanantions of some of more obscure references.

The Tori Amos Webpage

Why even mention this vastly out-of-date web page? Because it was the first Tori Amos page on the web, you heathen! That's why! ;)

A site in the tori ring.
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