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Precious-things is a mailing list for Toriphiles -- fans of Tori Amos -- to meet, share news, discuss Tori's music, decipher lyrics, analyze song meanings and so forth.

Precious-things is different from other Tori Amos mailing lists and newsgroups in that it is moderated -- that is, all posts have to be approved by the moderator before they are sent out to the rest of the list. Moderation is not a form of censorship. Its purpose is to create a low volume, focused mailing list with no idle chatter, flamewars or other annoyances. All Tori-related posts, provided they contribute to the discussion and do not attack other subscribers, will be approved. Moderation is simply used as a tool to keep the focus of the list tight and the amount of traffic manageable.

If you're more interested in a free-wheeling, anything-goes type of discussion forum, then precious-things probably isn't for you. If, however, you want a place to discuss Tori and her work and are not interested in the topic drift on Really Deep Thoughts Right Now,, The @forums Tori Amos Forums, or the myriad Yahoogroups mailing lists, then precious-things may be what you are looking for.

Precious-things is available in two forms: the regular list and the digest. If you subscribe to the regular list, you will receive each post as an individual mail message. If you subscribe to the digest, you will receive one (or sometimes more if the list traffic is very heavy) message per day which collects all the day's messages. If you receive a lot of mail or have a limit on the number of messages you can receive, you may wish to consider the digest over the regular list. You can subscribe to both if you want to, but that's usually not necessary. ;)

A site in the tori ring.
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