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Review of Love is Everything: The Jane Siberry Anthology - The War Against Silence - Glenn McDonald - 16 May 2002 which the author professes "I still believe that things are born out of the desire to instantiate insights as often as they are born out of fears of freedom," that setting Jane's voice "in plain folk contexts is like trying to walk into the sunset on a turnpike," and that "nothing has been more influential in the evolution of my understanding of pure Beauty than a handful of Jane Siberry's songs." Eloquent, thought-provoking, not to be missed. (But he's dead wrong about Maria, and generally wrong about Jane, but exactly right about Mimi.     --ed.)

Brief review of Love is Everything: The Jane Siberry Anthology - Entertainment Weekly - Jon Caramanica - 26 Apr 2002

Not-very-positive blurb; compares Siberry to Enya (?!) and Kristin Hersh.

Interview - - Jianda Johnson - 9 Nov 2001

Excellent in-depth interview. Includes terrific photos, sound clips, and a "Sheeba spirit" streaming radio station. Don't miss this one.

Brief biography on the Ghostland site - Fall 2001

Short bio; includes a very nice photo. The Ghostland site overall is worth visiting.

"The Hush Life" - National Post - Rebecca Eckler - 3 Mar 2001

A skim-the-surface short bio. Includes a nice small photo.

Interview excerpt - CBC - Shelagh Rogers - 6 Feb 2001   (for the full interview, see the audio interviews page)

Brief interview excerpt; discusses Sheeba and the definition of "Siberry-ish."

"Downtown Messiah" - NY Times (Arts) - Ann Powers - 18 Dec 2000  

Review of the performance of Handel's "Messiah" at The Bottom Line in New York City, 15 Dec 2000. Includes a picture of Siberry.

"The Essential Jane Siberry" - - Deena Waisberg - circa Nov 2000  

Positive review of Hush; also discusses the background of Hush, as well as Siberry's thoughts about the album and listeners' responses to it.

Hush review - Barnes & - Kerry Dexter - circa Nov 2000  

Positive review from B & N; the page also includes a not-so-positive review from All Music Guide's Aaron Badgley, as well as customer comments.

Hush review - CDNOW - Philip Van Vleck - 20 Sept 2000  

Semi-positive review.

"Jane Siberry Collects Lullabies" - - Jim Bessman - 19 Sept 2000. Part of the "Artist of the Day" series.  

Review of Hush by a long-time Siberry supporter. Includes several quotes from Siberry, regarding Hush and Sheeba in general.

An as-yet-unpublished interview - Christopher - Aug 2000  

Excellent interview that covers a wide range of topics, including running Sheeba, being more accessible to fans, making Hush, and clearing away all the clutter.

"Bound by the Beach" and Hush review - CULTure Arcade - A.M. Robichaud - Aug 2000  

Discussion of the water leitmotif in Siberry's work. Also includes a review of Hush.

Sessions at West 54th interview - Chris Douridas - Sep 1997

Excellent interview in which Jane describes how she prepares for performances, how to listen the corporeal tuning fork, and why music is best when it's on the common table. The interview was taped in September; the Session aired in December 1997.

"Jane Siberry doubles her pleasure" - JAM! - Karen Bliss - 14 Nov 1997  

Release of New York Trilogy and Child; the spirit of Christmas.

"Siberry's in control" - JAM! - David Veitch - 4 Oct 1997  

The formation and operation of Sheeba; Hain't It Funny; A Day in the Life; Bottom Line shows; Siberry's career goals.

"Jane Siberry is simply super" - JAM! - Mike Ross - 3 Oct 1997  

Leaving Warner Bros. for Sheeba

"Not for the majors" (A Day in the Life review) - JAM! - Paul Cantin - 17 Aug 1997  

Lukewarm review of A Day in the Life.

"Siberry goes solo in music business" - JAM! - Paul Cantin - 27 June 1997  

Forming Sheeba; legal battles with Warner Bros.

"Jane Siberry crowns herself queen of Sheeba" - Vancouver Sun - Katherine Monk - 21 July 1996

The sleazy side of Siberry; the trial-and-error stage of Sheeba.

"New indie label brings Siberry full circle in musical journey" - Ottawa Citizen - Tom Harrison - 18 July 1996

Sheeba; Teenager; and Jane's relief that "I only have to sleep with myself to get to the top".

"Stripped-down Siberry Style Succeeds" - Ottawa Sun - Paul Cantin - 25 July 1996 

Concert review from Rideau Falls Park, Ottawa (Maria tour).

"The Queen of Sheeba" - JAM! - Paul Cantin - 21 July 1996  

Starting Sheeba; brief look at Siberry's career to that point.

"Siberry embraces the 'Net" - JAM! - David Moore - 14 June 1996  

Launching the Sheeba site.

Impact Magazine - Dec 1995/Jan 1996 - p. 6

Siberry's thoughts on Maria.

Teenager review - JAM! - John Sakamoto - 1996  

Fairly complimentary review (3.5 stars out of 5).

"Siberry makes the Palace a cabaret" - San Francisco Examiner - Barry Walters - 17 Nov 1995  

A not-so-friendly concert review.

"Spotlight eludes Jane Siberry, but she still dazzles" - Chicago Tribune - Nancy Stetson - 10 Nov 1995

Positive concert review (Maria tour).

Maria review - Boston Phoenix - David Gérard - 16-23 Nov 1995  

Very positive review.

"Siberry Comes Up With Another Delightfully Different Persona" - Toronto Star - Ira Band - Nov 1995

Review of concert at Danforth Music Hall (Maria tour), in which Siberry is called "Madonna-esque."

"Sibilating Siberry Soars In Gentle Jazz Setting" - Toronto Star - Jennie Punter - Nov 1995

Maria review.

"Jane Siberry" - The Peak - Simon Frasier University's student newspaper (Burnaby, B.C.) - Monique Harvey - Nov 1995  

Concert/album review (Maria tour).

Concert review (Fez shows) - NY Times - Jon Pareles - 26 Oct 1995

Positive and evocative concert review (Maria tour).

Transcript of WFUV radio interview - Ben Sopar - 24 Oct 1995

Wonderful in-depth interview during the Maria tour. Topics include Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, making a mix that doesn't batter you, and Siberry's own stream-of-consciousness summary of the evolution of her work.

Maria review - Dallas Morning News - Catherine Cuellar - 22 Oct 1995 - p. 5c

Positive review that compares Siberry to Philip Glass.

"Siberry Finds Her Voice On Latest Release" - Kingston Whig-Standard - Greg Burliuk - 7 Oct 1995

Positive Maria review that's especially complimentary of "Oh My My."

Maria review - CMJ - Steve Ciobattoni - Oct 1995

Review that praises the "nuances of her whispers, moans, and wordless improvs."

Maria review - Qunicy, MA Patriot Ledger - Mick Skidmore - 23 Sept 1995 - p. 41

Sees a similarity to Joni Mitchell's jazz experiments.

Maria review - Knoxville News-Sentinel - Chuck Campbell - 22 Sept 1995 - p. 6

Negative review that sees Maria as "lazy" and having "an almost-boring feel of consistency totally out of character for Siberry."

Maria review - Newark Star-Ledger - J.B. - 22 Sept 1995

Finds something good to say about "Oh My My," but nothing else.

Maria review - Rolling Stone - Chuck Dean - 21 Sept 1995 - Issue 717 - p. 84

Exceptionally well-written and insightful review that talks about the "pull of life" and compares Siberry to Michael Jackson (Siberry wins).

"How Far Is the Nearest Place to Kneel?" - The War Against Silence - Glenn McDonald - 21 Sept 1995  

Fascinating survey of Jane's work up to the Maria release, focusing on spirituality and touching on technology and Kate Bush.

"Jane Siberry finds freedom in speed with Maria" - Now - Andrew Sun - 31 Aug - 6 Sept 1995

Positive Maria review, plus great quotes from Siberry about her preferred way of working, kinetic thrills, Brian Eno, and having your hands tied by copyright.

Maria review - Toronto Star - Peter Howell and Geoff Chapman - 2 Sept 1995

Lukewarm review; includes another comparison to Joni Mitchell.

Maria review - Out - Sept 1995

Short and not too sweet.

Maria review - Pulse - Scott Schinder - Sept 1995 - p. 111

Rather fickle review that refers to Siberry's "expressively twisted lyrics."

Maria review - Westnet Consumable Online Newsletter - Jamie Roberts - Sept 1995  

Not-too-positive review.

"Do You Get It? The querulous tones and silken voice of Jane Siberry" - Eye Weekly - Cindy McGlynn - 31 Aug 1995

Great article that reviews Maria and reveals that "you leave a conversation with Jane Siberry tasting the very air you breathe" ... and the conversation takes place at a diner called Mimi's.

Maria review - Entertainment Weekly - David N. Meyer - 25 Aug 1995

Even shorter and less sweet than the one in Out.

"Maria Was All In Her Head ... So She Just Let It Out" - Vancouver Sun - Katherine Monk - 24 Aug 1995 - p. C3

Brief but quirkily pleasant interview.

Maria review - The Toronto Globe and Mail - Simona Chiose - 19 Aug 1995

Interview that lets Siberry ruminate about technology and the making of Maria -- again in a diner called Mimi's.

Maria review - The Rocket - Kevin Rexroat - 12-26 July 1995

Reluctant but ultimately positive review.

"Jane Siberry - Multimedia Musician?" - HotWired - Catherine Bush - May 1995

Jane's forthrightness shines, and she tells us "creativity is sacred." Includes a picture and short sound clips.

Maria review - JAM! - John Sakamoto - 1995  

Considers Maria "another daunting work."

"The Astral Jane" - Rolling Stone - Carl Arrington - 21 Apr 1994

Nice round summary of Jane's work, childhood, and hair.

"She Has a Tough New Album With a Title to Explain" - Philadelphia Inquirer - Dan DeLuca - Apr 1994

Siberry talks about her background -- from childhood to the years before recording When I Was A Boy.

"Live Music: Jane Siberry" - Real Groove - Bettina Vine - Mar 1994

Brief concert review that tries to capture the magic of live Siberry.

"Jane Siberry: Angels and Software" - Real Groove - Nick Bollinger - Feb 1994

Siberry talks about computers, refrigerator magnets, and control.

"The Divine Miss S" - New Zealand Herald - Russell Baillie - Feb 1994

Concert preview; Brian Eno; Peter Gabriel; various When I Was a Boy topics.

Interview transcript - Mixing It - Robert Sandall and Mark Russell - Jan 1994

An interesting "caper through a variety of styles", plus discussions of Brian Eno, using your body as a compass, and lipstick.

Concert review - Jay Kinney - Nov 1993

Expresses disappointment with an "It Ain't a Concert" concert and wonders about Siberry's "cult artist" status. Seems a bit homophobic near the end...?

"Two Sides of Siberry" - Edmonton Journal - David Howell - Fall 1993

Quirky vs. insightful; and the experience of making When I Was A Boy.

"Songs in a Brave New Key" - McLeans - Nicholas Jennings - 9 Aug 1993

In-depth discussion of When I Was A Boy; includes comments on the battle between darkness and light and the distinction between homoerotica and humanerotica. Oh, and Gabriel and Eno too.

"Siberry's new album reveals boyhood dreams" - Halifax Herald - Tim Arsenault - Aug 1993

Brief review that doesn't seem to have much of an opinion. But there was a mention of Barney on the same page...

"Jane Siberry. This singer/songwriter has nothing to lose" - Edmonton Sunday Sun - Mike Ross - Aug 1993

Jane comments on following her instincts -- her "first voice" -- and on telling Brian Eno to $#@!! off. And on whether she's gay.

"The Queen of Quirk: Jane Siberry Reaches the Snapping Point" - Network - Perry Stern - Apr/May 1993 - Vol. 7 No. 2

More about the process of making When I Was A Boy. Includes quotes from Rebecca Jenkins and some excerpts from Brian Eno's letter to Jane.

"Jane Siberry - Rhyme and Seasons" - Melody Maker - Jim Arundel - ??

Poetry and precision; the thought behind Summer in the Yukon; looking back on the journey from air to earth.

"Songs of Innocence and Androgyny" - The Guardian - May 1992

The power of words; men and women and changes in the music business; Siberry's goals for When I Was a Boy.

"This Is My Voice" - Canadian Musician - Howard Druckman - Feb 1990

Bound by the Beauty review; includes Jane's comments on feeling "very secure at Warner Brothers."

"Jane Siberry, Canadian Woman" - Creem - Laura Fissinger - Oct 1986

A very affectionate article; Jane expresses her own affection for Monty Python and Albert Einstein.

"The Milk of Human Kindness" - Creem - Oct 1986

A blurb about Buttermilk the cow.

"The Eccentric Charms of a Pop Poet" - Nicholas Jennings - (e-mail me if you know the source and date)

Covers the early years, up to The Speckless Sky.