Siberry finds her voice on latest release

Jane Siberry (Reprise)

from the Kingston Whig-Standard - 7 Oct 1995
by Greg Burliuk

Jane Siberry has finally found the musical idiom which suits her perfectly. In the past, Siberry has sounded child-like, trying to marry her winsome, quirky lyrics and wispy voice with pop music lyrics. But on her first album since 1993, the Toronto singer has dipped into stream-of-consciousness jazz with the help of some killer musicians.

Even that doesn't prepare you for the album's finale: After nine songs and a two-minute silence, Oh My, My takes 20 minutes to hear. It's different even by Siberry's standards. She drops the little girl voice and sings like a strong, passionate woman -- although woven into the lyrics are children's stories like Puff, The Magic Dragon and Mary Had A Little Lamb. It's one of the most powerful pieces of music I've heard this year.

Elsewhere Siberry indulges in pieces of whimsy, backed by the jazz music which serves as a backdrop, rather than a carrier of the melody. This is not a loud album but one for thinkers and those who like to be caught up in the mood of an album.