Album Title: Tree

Year Released: 1999


The Slow Tango
Burning Ship
When Last I Was A Fisherman
It Can't Rain All The Time
I Paddle My Canoe
Adam And Eve
Up The Loggin' Road
Goin' Down The River
At The Beginning Of Time (excerpt)


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Slow Tango

On the sixth day
When the word came
We began our journey
We would not break the promise
Hasten to the shoreline
Just in time to see them sail away

All the times when we lay sleepless
And the weather made no sense
Challenge your hands to capture
These landscapes, holy days
Landscapes of dunes and red skies

There is only one horizon
Rolling thunder
This wilderness of longing
Tangled up forever
Hold me for a while my love
I can hardly hear you
Heal me, feel my love

So I find your breast against mine
Is this the slow tango?
I have no regrets my love

I let you press
I forget the rest
But I feel it like the rushing dove
That beats against the hands of time
With pounding heart... again

Is this the slow tango?
I have no regrets my love