Album Title: Tree

Year Released: 1999


The Slow Tango
Burning Ship
When Last I Was A Fisherman
It Can't Rain All The Time
I Paddle My Canoe
Adam And Eve
Up The Loggin' Road
Goin' Down The River
At The Beginning Of Time (excerpt)


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Adam And Eve

I will have a cup of tea
I will wash the cup
I will place it on the dish-rack
I will wait for it to dry
I will have another cup of tea
I'll drink it up I'll wash the cup
I'll place it on the drainboard
I wonder if it's dry?

O give me a home
Where the buffalo roam
And the apples go rolling the other way

There are ten neighbours
Walking up my driveway all dressed in black
Carrying carnations and waving recipes
And I tell each of them:
If I could only have everything they have
Then I know that I'd finally be happy

O give me a home
Did someone call the police?

And Adam would never have had
If he hadn't have had Eve