Album Title: Tree

Year Released: 1999


The Slow Tango
Burning Ship
When Last I Was A Fisherman
It Can't Rain All The Time
I Paddle My Canoe
Adam And Eve
Up The Loggin' Road
Goin' Down The River
At The Beginning Of Time (excerpt)


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I Paddle My Canoe

Oh, I don't like the look of the look of today
A great grey cloud is coming our way
So I move through the streets on my own
A-huffing and a-puffing and feeling so alone

O Grandfather, Grandfather
Will you wake up?
Will you take up these threads?

O Grandmother, Grandmother
I am walking on such thin ice
I wonder how you feel?
And a fire is burning in the fireplace
And the windows crackle with rain
Feels so part of my place
So I leave my sleeping ancients
And I walk down the steps
And I move to the edge of the forest
Where I lay my heaviness...

Oh, where is my sweet puppy?
Oh, there you are
You're never far behind
Sometimes he seems like a little lamb
So I push off from the shore
I press my face against the watery place
I push off from the shore
My sweet dog and you
I paddle my canoe
Across the water and home to you.

Way back then, way back then
My Grandfather sleeping by the fire
Way back then, way back then
My Grandmother dreaming of desire
Way back then, way back there
My sweet family
I will return someday
But on this grey afternoon
There's something that I must obey
So I paddle my canoe out across the bay
The end of an endless day
My puppy and me
Across the water and home to thee