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Last updated: May 12, 2001

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June 9, 2001 EctoFest West Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Happy will also be touring with Project Lo in July.  Keep an eye on this page for details.


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[5/12/01] EctoFestWest Update: Sunday House Concert Details

On Sunday, June 10 Phil Hudson will host a day-long house concert in his beautiful backyard in Boulder Creek, CA.  Performers confirmed so far:

Wendy Rule
Cyoakha Grace
Pipa Pinon
Piper Maru
Phil Hudson/Bill Mazur
Previously Lost Dogs
Arbel & Janathon

Other artists may still appear.

The music will begin at 2:30 pm, and continue until around 10:00.  Admission is a mere $10 suggested donation.  Please RSVP to Phil Hudson if you plan to attend, so he can keep tabs on the parking situation.  For more details, please see here.

[5/12/01] EctoFestWest Update: Tickets On Sale in Santa Cruz

Shelly De Forte reports:

For those of you who live in the Santa Cruz area but have not yet purchased tickets for EctoFestWest, they are now
available at Streetlight Records in downtown Santa Cruz. Streetlight does not charge any extra fee, so the tickets are still $20.

[5/12/01] EctoFestWest Update: Related Activities

Some of the performers lined up for EctoFestWest are adding other Northern California performances around the time of the event.  To help in travel planning, we will keep track of them here.
Date Event Venue City
June 6 Wendy Rule, Cyoahka Grace + Friends, Pipa Pinon Espresso Gardens San Jose, CA
June 10 Veda Hille Los Altos Bar & Grill Los Altos, CA
June 12 Veda Hille, Sini Anderson Rose Street House of Music Berkeley, CA

[3/17/01] Happy To Participate in NYC Performance

Happy will be performing as part of a multimedia show called "The Water Wheel" by Eric Nicolas, at 9 p.m. on March 22, 23 and 24, and at 8 p.m. on the 25th. Happy does not have a huge part...she's singing back up and did the pre-show electronic music (there is a 1 hour pre-show reception). The theater is at 205 N. 7th St, Brooklyn. For more info, call 718-599-7997.

[3/6/01] Another EctoFestWest Update: Lineup and Tickets

The final EctoFestWest lineup is set!

Jill Tracy, Two Loons For Tea, Cyoakha Grace, and Veda Hille will be joining Happy for one amazing night of music.

Cyoakha will be joined on stage by members of her groups Land Of The Blind and Azigza.

Happy plans to do an 80-minute, full-band set showcasing all-new material.

The official web site is online at  Tickets are now on sale, for $20 each.  See here for details.

[3/6/01]  Happy Tribute Album To Celebrate ecto's 10th Anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the ecto mailing list, musician members of the list are putting together a CD of versions of Happy's songs.  Contributors will include Cyoakha Grace, Bill Mazur, and Phil Hudson, among others.

Songs currently anticipated to appear on the CD include "Save Our Souls", "Feed The Fire", "Ode", "Temporary and Eternal", and "I'm Not Awake, I'm Not Asleep".

If all stays on schedule, the CD should be completed by the anniversary date, June 18th.  Stay tuned for updates!

[3/6/01]  ectofest 2001 Date Set

ectofest 2001 is planned for Saturday, August 25 in Danbury, CT.  This is a week earlier than usual, so those who have been unable to attend due to Labor Day weekend plans can make it this year.  Mark your calendars!

Further details will be posted at when they become available.

[12/12/00] Carl Adami Releases Album

Happy's longtime "liquid bass" player, Carl Adami has released an album as part of a group called Outloud Dreamer, called Drink The Sky.  Information, sound samples and order info can be found at

[11/7/00] Happy Launches Official Web Site

Happy has launched her official web site:  It's chock-full of news and information about Happy, and moreover, all of her releases are available for sale there, including the elusive Rhodes I and Rhodes II!  Go forth and surf!

[11/5/00] Announcing Ectofest West!

A group of San Francisco Bay-area ectophiles are busily planning the first Ectofest West, scheduled for June 9, 2001 in Santa Cruz, CA.  Confirmed performers so far include Happy and Mary Lydia Ryan, with many other very cool artists under consideration.  Watch this space for further details as they are released.

[11/5/00]  Happy At Work On Next Album

Happy is currently at work on her eleventh album.  There is no target release date yet, but it looks as though it will be released on her own brand-new label, Auntie Social Music.  Judging from the two new songs she performed with Project Lo in October, we're in for yet another collection of musical goodness.

Please also keep an eye on Sharon Nichols' Terra Incognita page for all the latest.


[4/21/01] EctoFestWest

EctoFestWest promises to be the biggest gathering of ectophiles in several years.  Folks are coming in from all over the country, and many are planning to be in the area for several days on either side of June 9.  There is sure to be a big group of ectophiles at each of the events listed at the top of this page.

In addition, ectophiles meth and woj are trying to get a group of people together to go for a sail around San Francisco Bay on Adventure Cat.  Spending 90 minutes cruising the Bay on a 52-foot Catamaran is one of the coolest things you could possibly do while you're in the area.  It looks like a sunset cruise on June 11 or an afternoon cruise on June 12 are the best bets.  If you're interested in joining in, e-mail meth.

E-mail me if you'd like to advertise your get-together here!



Many Worlds Are Born Tonight

Happy's eighth album of new material (and tenth overall), Many Worlds Are Born Tonight was.released by Samson Music on August 11, 1998. Please be sure to check out their Happy page for information about Happy, the album and a yet-to-be-provided list of tour dates.

There have been numerous reports on ecto of difficulty in finding the album in stores across the US. If you have a similar tale of woe, please e-mail Samson to let them know the town and the store(s) you checked in vain, so they can remedy the situation.

Happy In Print!

According to Samson, Happy will be receiving coverage in the following publications:

Don't Forget -- Happy on the radio!

The first single, "Roy (Back From The Offworld)" has been serviced to college, alternative, and AAA radio stations across the country. For a list of the stations that have added it and/or the album so far, click here.  Call your local station and bug them to play it now! If you have a suggestion for a radio station in your area that you think would be a good candidate to receive the single and album but is not on this list, please e-mail me and I'll forward the info to Samson.

In addition, the nationally syndicated radio show Echoes has been giving the new album quite a bit of airplay. John DiLiberto has always been a big fan and supporter of Happy's music. Check out the Echoes web site to see if it's on a public radio station in your area. If you do hear Echoes, be sure to drop them a line and let them know how much you appreciate their support of Happy, so they'll know it's worth it for them to keep her on their playlist.

Other News

[1/8/01] EctoFest West Update

The lineup for EctoFest West is currently as follows:  Happy Rhodes, Cyoakha Grace, and Jill Tracy.  Unfortunately Mary Lydia Ryan had to drop out due to the fact that she's going to be having her baby any day around then!  We're happy for Mary Lydia, and wish her and the baby the best...

Stay tuned for more announcements as they come.  The official web site will be launched at soon.


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