From: Phil Hudson <>
Subject: Ecto-West 3 Divas House Concert update.
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 12:10:51 -0700

The new and official pitch for the Boulder Creek house concert:

The house concert gathers some serious momentum.
The entire day is lined up with unique and exciting talent.

The current line up:

Wendy Rule
Cyoakha Grace
Pipa Pinon
Piper Maru
Phil Hudson/Bill Mazur
Previously Lost Dogs
Arbel & Janathon

Other artists may still appear.

The house concert will take place in Boulder Creek on Sunday June 10, after the Saturday EctoWest gig at the Kumbwa.
We will start early afternoon, around 2:30 pm and play until 10pm.   We might then continue with unamplified music for a while.

The setting will be a beautiful garden bordered by two lovely Redwood groves just outside the town.  The house and garden is also a Wiccan-Feri temple, both groves often being used for rituals. The large grove will be open to visitors, so you can wander around during the show and never be out of audible range. Our PA system will include auxilliary speakers around the property, and is better than those found in most small clubs; we also get a lovely  natural reverb off the canyon.  Our performers' backdrop will be a wall of trees 150 feet tall.  Our roof will be made of sky, sometimes blue, with birds; sometimes black,
with stars.  No clouds will be admitted on the day of the concert.

Ours being a very gentle and religiously tolerant culture, folks espousing other faiths should not feel in the least uncomfortable in such a setting. No one will be turned into a newt for any reason whatsoever. Besides, if you're coming to see Wendy Rule, you've probably got a pretty good idea that you're not about to enter a hotbed of rabid, athame-wielding satan worshippers.

Admission, originally slated at $10 for the day, has been 'upgraded' to a $10 minimum donation: most folks just get an evening concert with one performer for $10, but we also recognize that many folks will be on a tight budget this weekend due to the proliferation of shows. Folks who can are encouraged to donate more to support the performers.

CDs of all the performers will be available for sale throughout the event, and I'm also inquiring with AuntieSocial about getting a small selection of Happy Rhodes CDs to sell at the show.

Outside of minimal expenses for the show, all the proceeds will go to the principal performers; folks like Arbel, Janathon, Lost Dogs and Bill Mazur and I will play for free, as we're all conveniently local to the gig.

The house will provide paper plates, cups, ice, etc, guests should plan on bringing their own beverages, and a potluck dish, or some food to share. Any pagans attending will be very familiar with this concept, as it occurs frequently at rituals. Boulder Creek has three or four good delis, some attending to specific dietary needs or restrictions.

We'll most likely be BBQ'ing somewhere in the afternoon.

If you have camp chairs, it may help to toss them in the trunk with you, as we may run short.

We have arranged some parking on a neighbor's property, but will most likely have to shuttle some folks in from town, five minutes away. This is one of the principal reasons I'm asking everyone intending to come to RSVP to me, so I can keep an eye on the problems arising from increased attendance. (The house is on a one lane road with limited passing/parking.)

I can provide info on accomodations, etc., if you need assistance. There will be offroad parking if you have a van, or some kind of vehicle that you can sleep in. ( But I need to know in advance if you're bringing an RV!) There may still be some available space on the property to pitch a tent.  We are hoping to get a really good turnout; the audience area will easily take 50-60 people, and the grounds in general can handle more. Please mark your calendars and/or let me know if you can make it.

Please email me for more info or RSVP for directions if you plan on attending.

looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.


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