An eclectic collection of original music by original ectophiles!

Track Listing:

Heather Russell - Just In Time
Dirk Kastens - Allegoric Waters
Katheleen Michaels - Where Did He Go
Susan Court - Blight & Bonny
Heather Russell - Sonnet 29
Kim Justice - Pale Clouded White
Joseph Zitt - Lead Me In
Cyoakha - Albino Luciani
Janet Dunbar - Song of the Shaman Part 1
Janet Dunbar - Song of the Shaman Part 2
Janet Dunbar - Song of the Shaman Part 3
Janet Dunbar - Song of the Shaman Part 4
Joseph Zitt - Danger, System
Susan Court - Senses Out
Kim Justice - Joy's Shadow
Katheleen Michaels - Message of Love (The Lullaby)
Heather Russell - When I Wish
Cyoakha - Falling Up Walls
Katheleen Michaels - Save Me
Susan Court - Between the Quiet

Fog (a.k.a. Mike) sez:

After some technical difficulties, I am ready to take your orders for this ecto compilation. As promised, the nominal charge for this CDR will be $5.00 in the U.S., $7.00 non-U.S.

This is cutting the break even amount to the bone, or perhaps losing money on the deal, unplanned expenses have been encountered, but being somewhat philanthropic about the whole affair, that's really my problem.  Nevertheless, if you'd like to contribute an extra US$ or two to any of the following personal charities, you will receive my eternal gratitude (and maybe a little filing error in your favor in the the first come, first served queue... shhh!)

The Foghorn J Fornorn Fund For Rapidly Depleting Inkjet Cartridges
The Foghorn J Fornorn Craft Fair for How to Convert Miswritten CDR Media
Into Attractive Coasters and Other Household Implements (Advanced Course)

Please give generously :)

US Check or Money Order may be sent to the address below.

Please include your mailing address PRINTED CLEARLY. Include your email address just in case.  I'm eschewing trades at this point because I think its just going to take up too much time.  Non-US will need to send me something that I can redeem in US dollars...International Money Order is what I'm thinking.

Orders will be filled first come first serve (for the most part, hehe) and as can be done in my spare time. If I get way behind (or experience more technical difficulties) I'll try to post ecto with backorder status, pleas for help, sob stories, etc etc.

Ready? Here's the address to send your order to:

Mike Weis
2 Maple Hill Lane
Woodbury CT  06798

This compilation has been receiving rave reviews all over ecto - get your copy today!  And special thanks to Fog for putting the whole thing together.  Rock!!!

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