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ecto was  created by Jessica Koeppel on June 13, 1991.  Arising from the ashes of spirited discussions of the music of Happy Rhodes on, and originally called "", the list name was eventually shortened to match the title of Happy Rhodes' fourth album, and on June 18, 1991 ecto as we know it was born.  The list lived at various machines at Rutgers under the ownership of first Jessica and then Greg Bossert, and after a time, the list now resides, under the astute ownership of woj.

ecto quickly grew from a forum dedicated exclusively to the discussion of the music of Happy Rhodes to a place where fans not just of Happy's work, but of ectophilic music and art in general have gathered to discuss everything from music to books to movies to art to technology and more.  We've even been known to exchange recipes.  :)  Basically, nothing is off-topic here except for flames (long-time members can still count on one hand the number of flamewars that have occurred on the list in the past 7 years), and the list maintains one of the highest signal-to-noise ratios on the Net.

ecto is a very special place that has introduced hundreds of people to music they never would have discovered otherwise; given independent musicians help in starting down the road to success; brought soulmates together; and provided its members with an open forum in which they can discuss pretty much anything that's on their mind.  Anyone with an interest in ectophilic music is welcome: you don't have to be a rabid Happy fan to join in the discussion (but beware, chances are you'll be a fan before too long :).

To subscribe, send a note to with the following in the message body:

(for the loose mail version)

(for the digest version) Enjoy, and welcome!  (And don't be surprised if you're asked for your birthdate and shoe size.  :)

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