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An offshoot of ecto, the Happy Rhodes mailing list, this volunteer-run site is designed to bring a wide range of ectophilic information into one place.

Please note that this is definitely a work in progress, and hopefully always will be.  In fact, if you have any ideas for new features, or would like to lend a hand, please drop a line to the address below.

Important News!

Find Me, Happy's 11th album and the first since 1998's Many Worlds Are Born Tonight is released. It's available on CD Baby and iTunes.

MySpace page for Find Me

Important Info
* Who is Happy Rhodes?

* Happy's Albums and Lyrics New

* What is ecto, and how do I subscribe?

* What are ectophiles and ectophilic music anyway?

* The ecto archives

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The Ecto home page was created by Neil K. Guy in 1994 with contributions from many other folk (see the credits page) and is currently maintained by Meredith Tarr.  Email if you have any suggestions or questions.
These pages have been online since August 1994 and were last updated October 1, 2007.

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