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Here's a list of some interesting home pages covering a wide variety of Ectophilic (and sometimes not quite so ectophilic) artists. Enjoy!

EDITOR'S NOTE:  This list of links is still outdated, so surf at your own risk.  The first two sections updated October 3, 2005.

Happy Rhodes and Ecto

Kate Bush

All these links are out of date and need to be updated.

4AD ArtistsSarah McLachlanTori AmosLoreena McKennittjane siberryVictoria WilliamsBel CantoJewelHeather NovaIndigo GirlsJulia Fordhampeter gabrielBjörk GudmundsdottirPortisheadEnyaMillaThomas DolbyDavid SylvianSojournFrente!Juliana HatfieldKristin HershHolly Cole TrioLiz Phair10,000 ManiacsMax SharamLaurie AndersonBettie ServeertThrowing MusesMoon Seven TimesSuzanne VegaJill SobuleStoryAni DiFrancoCaterwaulSusan CourtThe BreedersPoi Dog PonderingSiouxsie And The BansheesBobo In White Wooden HousesVan MorrisonConcrete BlondeLubaBellyAlanis Morissette

Other Handy-dandy Music Resources

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