Texts and Bibliographies

Before ARCANA was dissolved, several subscribers wrote essays, bibliographies and reading lists for specific topics, which are still maintained here:

Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity

Lester Ness's doctoral dissertation.

Greek Astrology Bibliography

Lester Ness's translation of Auguste Bouché-Leclercq's bibliography for Greek Astrology. Also includes additional material by Ness.

Astrology Resource Guide

A guide to literature concerning the history of astrology. Compiled by Lester Ness.

The Nazis and The Occult

Lowell Dyson's excellent annotated (and opinionated!) bibliography of books dealing with the Nazis and the Occult.

African Syncretic Religion and Voodoo

Shannon Turlington Settle's bibliography of non-fiction, fiction, film and music about Vodoun.


Papa Legba's Voodoo reading list.


A scholarly bibliography of Wicca prepared by Sabrina Magliocco.


Prepared by Chris Travers.

Bibliographia Antiqua Arcanae

A bibliography of resources on ancient religions. Prepared by Chad Fauber.


An annotated bibliography written by Renee Rosen which is part of her Lilith Shrine.

For additional information, Alan Humm maintains a comprehensive bibliography on his Lilith site.

Kabbalah In English

A guide to English language resources for the student of traditional rabbinic Kabbalah, by Jeffery Smith.