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Research Sources For Astrology


I first composed this bibliographical guide and posted it to the Web in the early 1990s. It was based upon a personal database I had compiled in the course of researching my doctoral dissertation, Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity (Miami University, 1990). Since that time the bibliography has proven useful to many and I have continued my researches, leading me to revise it more than once. A version was added to the published version of my dissertation, Written in the Stars: Ancient Zodiac Mosaics (Shangri La Publications, 2000). Now I am updating it and posting it to the Web once again, to replace the site which I formerly used.

Since 1997, I have lived and taught in China. I have not been able to read as many new Western books as formerly, but, on the other hand, I have been able to start studying Chinese astrology, and have added a section on that topic. As before, I welcome suggestions of other books and articles. I have also added a small section of links to other Web sites dealing with the scholarly study of astrology.

Let me add my thanks to all those who have helped me with this new version, particularly my editor, Sheldon Gosline, the autokrator of Shangri La Publs., who contributed many Islamic and Indian titles, and also Richard Brzustowicz, for bringing a rare book on Tibetan astrology to my attention, as well as for many stimulating e-conversations.

Lester Ness
PR China


  1. Introduction
  2. General Discussion
  3. References, Bibliographies And General Histories
  4. Mesopotamian And Ancient Near East Sources
  5. Greek And Roman Astrology
  6. Jewish Astrology
  7. Early Christians And Astrology
  8. Islamic / Arabic Astrology
  9. Astrology In India
  10. Astrology In China And East Asia
  11. Astrology In The New World
  12. Astrology In Medieval And Renaissance Europe
  13. Astrology Since The Renaissance
  14. Links