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Research Sources For Astrology


These are a few links to scholarly sites which I have found useful. Most of them have further bibliographies. No one knows better than I how many other worthy sites I have missed. {A collection of primary sources in English translation; many of their e-publications are available in paper form as well.} {Another excellent collection of primary sources} {"Sober, kook-free information about ancient astrology and divination "} {The Christian Classics Ethereal Library, early Christian sources on-line} {Good bibliographies and on-line archives. Also an on-line journal.} {Excellent account of the Chinese calendar} {[This is the Twilit Grotto, Joseph Peterson's useful online library for general magic and the occult. Not specifically devoted to astrology.] {Adam McLean's alchemy website; it is so huge and has so much information it is useful even if alchemy is not your area, for general esoteric information.} {a homepage devoted to Chinese Buddhist astrology, reminiscent of Indian astrology} {David Juste's bibliography from Histoire de l'Astrologie Occidentale}