Voodoo Bibliography

The Santeria Experience. Migeul Gonzalez-Whippler [readable, personal account]

Urban Voodoo. Jason Black/Christopher Hyatt [over-intellectualized "black magick"]

Drum and Candle. David St. Clair [respectful, unintentionally funny Euro-centric]

Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets. Anna Rivas

The Serpent and The Rainbow. Wade Davis

Secrets of Voodoo. Milo Regaud [the best on Haitian voodoo]

Voodoo & Hoodoo. Jim Haskins

Sixteen Cowries. William Bascon

The Yoruba Religion. Conrad E. Mauge

The Way of the Orisa. Philip John Neimark

Santeria, African Magic in Latin America. Migene Gonzalez

Santeria, The Religion. Migene Gonzalez Wippler

Rituals and Spells of Santeria. Migene Gonzalez

Powers of the Orishas. Migene Gonzalez

Devotions to the Saints. Anna Rivas

Iba'Se Onsa, Ifa Proverbs, Folktales, Sacred History and Prayer. Awo Fa'lokun Faturumbi

Oshun. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Ogun. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Obatala. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Ochosi. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Shango. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Esu-Elegba. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Oya. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

Yemaja/Olokun. AwoFa'lokun Faturimbi

A Dictionary of World Mythology. Arthur Gtterell

Oya. Judith Gleason

Jambalaya. Luisah Teish [good reads on New Orleans Voodoo (modern)]

Carnival of the Spirit. Luisah Teish [see Jambalaya]

Magic from Mexico. Mary Deune

Divine Horsemen. Maya Deren

Voodoo in Haiti. Alfred Metraux [slightly dated, a good source]

Religious Rites of the Caribbean. George E. Simpson.

The Magic and Folk Beliefs of Southern Negro. Newbell Niles Puckett

Secrets of Voodoo. Milo Rigaud

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. Louis Martinie, cards by Sally Ann Glassman [probably the best from a practioner's POV]

Most of the below are fiction, which I haven't read. Tim Powers researches his books exaustively (e.g; tarot in Last Call). All are recomended by someone, that's why they're on this list.

Flash of the Spirit. Robert Farris Thompson (Vintage, 1984)

On Stranger Tides. Tim Powers, author of The Anubis Gates.

Queen of Angels. Greg Baer

Count Zero. William Gibson

Bone Dance. Emma Bull

Green Eyes. Lucius Sheppard

Prepared by Donald Kaler, October 1996
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