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Immobile : some photos of the band

Promos photos

Concert at the forum des halles

La route du rock

Various concerts

Concert in Arras

Concert in Saint-Saulve

Concert in Nottingham

This page doesn't contain much. If you have other photos, send me a message. You can click on them to get "the bigger picture".

Promos photos

photo promo 1 photo promo 2 photo promo 5 photo promo 6 photo promo 7 photo promo 8

Wonderful shot taken during a concert in Paris

Great as background!

concert au forum

Various concerts photos

concert divers 1

Concert in Saint-Malo

Watch that while listening to the _Sur tes pas_ single

route du rock 1 route du rock 2 route du rock 3

Concert in Arras (10/15/97)

These are my first attempts at taking photos during a concert. I obviously need to practice. :-)

concert arras 1 concert arras 2 concert arras 3 concert arras 4 concert arras 6

Concert in Saint-Saulve (2/13/98)

concert st-saulve 4 concert st-saulve 5 concert st-saulve 6

concert st-saulve 3 concert st-saulve 1 concert st-saulve 2

Other photos from the same concert

They were taken by a semi-pro photograph. I thank him deeply for haven given them to me. His name is Laurent Legrand, you can send me a messag eif you want to contact me I will forward it.

concert st-saulve 7 concert st-saulve 8 concert st-saulve 9 concert st-saulve 10 concert st-saulve 11 concert st-saulve 12 concert st-saulve 13

Concert in Nottingham

Photos taken and digitalised by Guiilhem Ensuque

concert nottingham 1 concert nottingham 2 concert nottingham 3 concert nottingham 4 concert nottingham 4

Thanks to
Jean-Philippe Cottin and Gauthier Catteau for the scanner.
Yves Denneulin