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La vérite

New informations on Autour de Lucie


It has been rather quiet on the news side. There are plans for a one month long american tour starting from the middle of june. From what I know it should be mainly on the west coast. I will put dates on the page as soon as I know them.

The best news of the month is the release of the Lilith Fair double CD with a live version of _Sur tes pas_. This is a great opportunity for the band's popularity to skyrocket on the other side of the pond.

On a lighter note, the first name of the new drummer is Sébastien. That's all I know of him at the moment. :-)


There is now a mailing list dedicated to the band. It is called Les brouillons and is hosted at smoe.org. More infos here. Many thanks to Jeff Wasilko who accepted to host it.

The drummer left the band a couple of weeks ago for health reasons. Auditions took place last week to replace him, the band found a new one and they are busy rehearsing right now for the coming dates.


Here are the coming concert dates for France and Europe. The ones for march and april are sure, those for may are tentative.

Concerts schedule for march, april and may
7 Rennes (gala ENSAI)
21 Marne la Vallée (Café musique Val d'Europe)
28 Paris (TREMA espace tapis rouge)
2 Nancy (Zenith)
11 Dinan (théâtre)
24 Bulle (Décibulle)
25 Lausanne (Dolce vita)
26 Genève (le chat noir)
2 Cognac (West rock)
15 ou 16 Paris (l'européen) avec Superflu
30 Landeleau


Concerts and interviews

The band left Paris yesterday for an exhausting promotional tour in the US and Canada for the _Immobile_ album. Here is the detailed program for this tour:

Program of the promotional tour
2/15 Los Angeles 2pm In-store performance at Borders (Santa Monica)
3:30pm Interview MTV-on-line (Borders too)
7pm KCRW radio interview (3 songs)
2/16 Los Angeles Press day (interview and photos)
2/17 Los Angeles Interview day
7pm In-store performance at Virgin megastore
7:30pmAlbum release party (Tempest Bar, 7323 Santa Monica Blvd.)
2/18 LA From LA to Toronto
2/19 Toronto 1pm Accoustic afternoon at the Gekko cafe (478 Queen St. W.)
2/19 Toronto 10:30pmDepart to Montreal
2/20 Montreal 12:15pmInterview and performance at Musique PLus (335 Ste Catherine West) 1pm Live on Air Play
2/21 Montreal 1:00pmInterview and in-store performance at the HMV Megastore (1020 rue Ste-Catherine W.)
2/22 Montreal Départ to New York
2/23 Bryn Mawr, PA 7pmConcert at the Borders
2/24 Oklahoma 11amWXPN world Cafe, interview and performance
New York 9pmShowcase at the Luna Lounge (New York)
2/25 New York Press day
2/26 New York Back to Paris


This is the release dates for the reviews of the album and the last single (remixes of _Chanson sans issue_) in the british press:

Vox album review in the april issue (out 1st of march).

Top album review in the april issue (out beginning of march).

Melody Maker album review in the march, 20th issue. A review of the single appeared in 2/14 issue.

Music week album review in the 2/14 issue.


The second album, Immobile, was released last week in the US, Canada and GB. Like the previous one it is released on the excellent Nettwerk label. Other artists of this label include Sarah McLachlan, Tara McLean, Suzanne Little or the Rose Chronicles. A promotional tour for the US and Canada is scheduled for the second half of february. The dates and venues I know are:

2/15 Los Angeles 2pm: Borders In-Store performance evening: KCRW interview and performance night: KROQ Rodney Binenheimer interview

2/17 Los Angeles 6pm Virgin Megastore in store accoustic concert 7pm Record Release party

2/19 Toronto, concert

2/20 Montreal, concert

2/21 Montreal, concert

2/22 New York WNEW Vince Scelsa Idiots delight radio show

2/23 Philadelphia WXPN radio interview and performance

2/24 2/25 Philadelphia Possible in-store Possible show case (nothing fixed yet)

No french or european tour planned yet but they sometimes give some "surprise" concerts like in Paris last week.

On the record front, an EP of 8 remixes of the Chanson sans issue track is now available as a double 12" vynil. This is the first vynil of the Village vert label (collectors, you've been warned!). A video clip for the last single, Sur tes pas, is in light rotation on the (crap) french TV channel M6.

Yves Denneulin