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Tartan Keats "Indeed" b/w "Noah's Arcs" sp1193

Released in an edition of 300, with a silk-screened tartan cloth sleeve, Tartan Keats fronted a New York ensemble called Kilgore Trout. You may have even caught him singing backing vocals with Echo and the Bunnymen and then, what HOT PRESS in Ireland calls "me and a guitar and fuck all else sytle", Keats calls being solo. Armed with a guitar and "a voice that escaped from a growl ridden folk club", he released "Indeed", our debut and his. You'll laugh all the way to the bank on this one, because with the very few copies we have left, you'll also get a hand- crayoned lithograph to boot.

"Another worthy piece of vinyl. Keats sounds like a lo-fi Jim Morrison in a prose mode. Also reads like Jim. Prick up yer ears folks cuz Keats has something to say. The written insert ("Yakima") is also quite noteworthy. Fans of Robyn Hitchcock take note." THRUST, Ottawa, Canada
"The first song, "Indeed", is a moody Mark Langean lament. Lyrics that read like poetry. The B side is more of the same, and I'm glad. Strong music that cuts right through all the walls you've surrounded your bruised feelings with and lets you bleed emotions freely. The guitar seems to be there just for the noise of something other than a voice, which holds the rhythm in a melodic fist." INSIGHT, Kalamazoo, Michigan
"This whole thing is so bizarre it's impossible to actually dislike it." ALTERNATIVE PRESS, Cleveland, Ohio

REVERB/Tartan Keats split 7" sp0395

Another limited release, this time in a silk-screened jersey cow cloth sleeve, two tracks showing the trails blazed by each. REVERB have topped the UK indie charts with their simlutaneously released "Down Tonight" single, but this is the track the band call "a garage rocker". Keats is helped this time around by Drake "Jake" Brockman, of Bunnymen fame, who writes the story of a drowning man, told in a wash of guitar.

"REVERB is absolutely killer. If there is any life remaining in English music they have it. American radio could use something this fresh." SLUG, Salt Lake City, Utah
"REVERB is a three piece who favor the British sound of pop-constant bass beat, guitars jumping in for dynamic effect while the accented vocals are right up front. Very nice." THRUST, Ottawa, Canada
"Here he whispers a Jake Brockman piece of literature over draping, layered guitars. It is an excellent piece of work." ETHOS, Dublin, Ireland
"Great." ULTRA face-lift Belgium WEBzine

ALPHANE MOON "Circle of Four" EP sp0196

The musical mbodiment of everything H.G. Wells dreamt of. ALPHANE MOON, from Wales, are a majestic source of rural psuchedelia. They produce a soundscape of lush beauty, music defying the laws of physics that can keep you in two places in the same instant, floating in the waves of sound, caught in the undercurrent through layers of imagination and consciousness, easily trapped in a timeless realm. Artwork by Liverpool's legendary Tim Whittaker

BUSHWEED CORN TRASH "Bodychop Prayer" EP spca01

While working on a full length composition, we've decided to quell the addicts quakes with this introductory cassette. Within a span of five songs, BUSHWEED CORN TRASH shift from reggae to punk, a complete range of brilliance. It erads a bit bizarre, but has a promising sound like no one else. Accompanied by an eight page booklet of cartoons and lrics, words of wisdom more useful than Mr. Roger's You Are Special, We place so much faith in Corn Trash hands, we have begun to replace the Gideon Bible with these. Salvation, dear reader, a listen away.

ELECTRAFIXION "Baseball Bill" b/w "Baseball Bill (you talking to me mix) 7"

"Nothing less than a revelation" wrote the N.M.E. in 1994 of Electrafixiion, and simply put, that's all there is to this band. Though the core of the group is built on the lyric structure and voice of Ian McCulloch and the solidifying, sticky guitar of Will Sergeant, don't be fooled into thinking this is a re-incarnation of ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN. This is something entirely new.

In support of their recent US tour, the band have released a new single, "Baseball Bill", one of a handful of new tracks that lend themselves to an impressive live set. With staple classics off their debut album BURNED (Elektra) the occasional cover and a handful of new material, ELECTRAFIXION have developed a set rival to any the duo has ever played. And we all know what Ian and Will were capable of not so very long ago...and here they are to do it for us all over again.

Limited to 1,000 copies, all pressed on gold and white swirled vinyl, in picture sleeve.

cost is $5

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