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SpiFFinG Records
PO Box 725
Westbury, New York 11590

email: spiffingny@aol.com

fax: (516) 876 8986

SpiFFinG accepts checks and money orders drawn on US banks and most forms of foreign currency provided the US equivalent is sent. We take no responsibility for cash sent via post and recommend registering this mail for a signature upon pick-up. Stores an interested parties, please contact us directly for wholesale prices and terms.

Order now and be entered to win a pizzaria napkin dispenser. Yes, a piece of culinary history...complete with napkins!


7" singles and cassettes are $3.50 postpaid for domestic shipping.

For the rest of the globe please add $2; $1 for cassettes.


The Golden Prince is a monster, but domestic shipping is again included for $5.50.

The Golden Prince Rides Again is $5 postpaid.

for the UK and Europe, please add $2.

Australia and the Pacific Rim, please add $4.


$4 each, except for the Vonnegut fanzine. Domestic shipping is included.

For the rest of the globe, please add $1.

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