Album Title: Child

Year Released: 1997 / 1999


Wildwood Carol
What Is This Lovely Fragrance Stealing?
Quoi, Ma Voisine, Es-Tu Fachee?
Shir Amami
Mary's Lullaby
An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)
Silent Night
You Will Be Born
O Holy Night
In The Bleak Mid-Winter
Maria Wanders Through The Thorn
What Child Is This?
The Valley
Are You Burning, Little Candle?

note from Siberry:
some lyrics to traditional songs were changed during the show, deliberately or by accident, but always with great respect to the original authors


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O - it was a snowy night
The caravan traveling across the desert land
The stars were hanging heavy in the absence of light
And you were there and I
And something in our hearts told us to keep moving
Because there was something about that star
That Star ...

How far is the nearest place to kneel?
How far is the nearest throne?
How far how far can you go with only a dream?
With only a hope?
You take the vision and you hold it steady
Right ahead of you across the ranges across the plains
The desert land the gaze of strangers
That is how ... Hold It Steady

There was always someone who would
Take the children and keep them entertained
There was always someone who would
Lay down their work to play the children's games
There was always someone who would
know how things worked
They'd say ...THERE. Where? OVER THERE.

And now as we sit on the steps
at the side of the square
There are three wise men
sitting in their chairs
If anyone wants to know
which way any of us should go
They will hold they will contain
they will cup the refrain
Hold It Steady - take the vision - Hold It Steady
right ahead of you right between the eyes.
THAT is how.

O - It was a snowy night
and our caravan moved along
through this yet unholy land -
you were there and I was there
two desert boys - we did not understand
we only knew that something grand was happening
that Star ... that night