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There are two Jewel mailing lists out there. The original list (Everyday Angels) was once a manageable size and was very on-topic, but it tends to be very busy now, and there's very little Jewel discussion going on. If you want to talk with other people who like Jewel about things other than Jewel, it's your best bet.

There is now a second list (Innocence Maintained) which is moderated and only contains news about Jewel.

Everyday Angels

If you'd like to join the original list, just send a message to with "subscribe" as the body of the message. The listserver will then add you to the list at whatever account you mailed it from.

There is also a digest version available. Instead of getting each message sent to the list individually, you get one big message at the end of every day (or multiple times a day) with all of the messages in it.

The digest is available by sending a message to with "subscribe jewel-digest" in the body of the message.

To send messages to the list, just send mail to

To UNsubscribe from the list, send a message to with "unsubscribe" as the body of the message.

Innocence Maintained

This is a moderated news only list, currently available as loose mail only. There is no digest option. The goal of this list is to provide subscribers with timely news information about Jewel. There will be no discussion about Jewel from subscribers to this list.

To join the open forum Jewel discussion list, see the directions for Everyday Angels.

Jewel is not on the mailing list and you cannot contact jewel by sending mail to the list.

There is no need to be subscribed to both the Jewel Discussion list and the News List, because the news list will be primarily made up of newsworthy items that were originally posted to the disussion list. If any news items come to the news list without being posted to the original list we will cross post them.

No one on the news list will be able to post directly to the news list. However if you are subscribed to the news list and have some info that should be posted you can send it in an email to and the current moderator on duty will then approve the post.

All messages sent to the news list will have a concise subject line describing the content of the message.

These are the current message subject lines:

tour schedules
dates when tickets go on sale
release dates for albums, singles, soundtracks, promos
tv and radio appearances
chat sessions, electronic Q&A sessions, etc.
newspaper, magazine, and other print articles
very brief concert reviews concentrating on set lists
anything else
The list will be moderated by a team of moderators each responsible for a weeks worth of news.

The current list of moderators are:

The news for this list will be primarily taken from the jewel discussion list. However the moderators wish to make it known that they welcome any input from readers. Don't be afraid to send something to the moderators for inclusion in the news, we will forward the news on to the Jewel discussion list if necessary.

To Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the news list

Send email to: with "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the body, not the subject line.

To submit news items for inclusion in the news list

Send email to:

To reach the current moderator of the news list

Send email to:

To reach all moderators of the news list

Send email to:

The lists are located at SMOE, and you can access archives of the old digests at the Jewel List Archives.

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