Tara MacLean

Better Things (Unreleased)
Blinded (Passenger)
Child (Live From Roots Lodge)
Dryland (The Bridge [Bonus Disc], Passenger)
Evidence (Live From Austin, 99.99997% of the world plays without a contract, Fame L.A., If You See Me,
Iowa, Brewed Awakening, Blessed, Resonance, Evidence, Silence)
For You (Silence)
Holy Tears (Due South [Volume II], 30 Hour Famine, Silence)
If I Fall (The Bridge [Bonus Disc], Music Select 03, Women & Songs 4, Songs & Style,
Bear Essentials For 2000, Divided, Live From Roots Lodge, Live From Austin, The Girls Room,
If I Fall [Promo CD], If I Fall [Single], Tara MacLean, Chestnuts, Passenger, Totally Adult,
Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Zoppi)
If Only (If You See Me, Evidence)
If You Could (Much More Music [Volume 2], My Sister Sings, Over Canada, Silence)
In The Wings (Silence)
Jericho (Passenger)
Jordan (Live From Roots Lodge, Live From Austin, Passenger, Lilith Fair)
Let Her Feel The Rain (After The Fair, Silence, Lit From Within, Slowbrew)
More (Faith & Healing, ·Outer·Sync·Dom·, Silence)
Pretty (Unreleased)
Settling (Meteor Garden, Passenger)
Silence (Live From Austin, Silence, Decadence)
Song For Clayoquot (Bears)
That's Me (If You See Me, Kissed, New Release Synchronization Sampler, Evidence, Silence)
Trouble With Me (Unreleased)
Water (Unreleased)
You (Unreleased)

Tara MacLean & Bill Bell

Calls To Nothing (·Outer·Sync·Dom·, If You See Me)
Divided (Just A Kiss, Bounce, Divided, Much More Music [Vol. 2], Live From Austin, Capitol 2000 Sampler,
The Girls Room, Tara MacLean, Passenger)
Higher (Passenger)
Passenger (Live From Roots Lodge, Tara MacLean, Passenger, Montage)
Poor Boy (Tara MacLean, Passenger)
Reach (Passenger, Montage)

Tara MacLean & Other Songwriter(s)

Big, Fat Babies (The Bridge)
Guenivere (The Bridge)
Happy Baby (Juno Awards 2004, The Bridge)
How The West Was Won (The Bridge)
On Springfield Mountain (Inventing The Abbotts)
When You're Sinking (The Bridge)

Other Songwriter(s)

At Seventeen (Teaching Mrs. Tingle)
Beauty (WavesToWater, Women & Songs 8, The Bridge)
Daydream Car (The Bridge)
Dimming Of The Day (Unreleased)
Freedom (The Bridge)
Godspeed (The Bridge)
Karma (The Bridge)
La Tempête (Passenger)
Light Of The Stable (Chestnuts, A Christmas To Remember)
No Mermaid (The Bridge)
On And On (The Bridge)
Red (Silence)
Silent Night (Songs Of The Season)
Winter Wonderland (Christmas Songs, Women & Songs Christmas)