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Album Info - A Day In The Life

This is Sheeba Record's second release and is not a typical record album. Instead of a collection of musical tracks, this album contains a sample of Jane's every day life. Although there are bits and pieces of music here and there, the bulk of the 30 minutes consists of an "aural movie".


Jane runs to hairdresser. Needs up-do to last for 3 days. Jane runs to yoga class to relax. She can't relax because of her hair. Runs home to record thank-you message to everyone on SHEEBA's 1st Birthday. Finds message from Patty Larkin asking her to sing on new record. Runs to, studio. Jane and Patty work out background vocals for "COMING UP FOR AIR" (1*). Jane runs home to check her messages.

Finds new one from Peter Gallway asking Jane to be part of a Laura Nyro tribute. Jane drops spoon on cat's head while listening to message. Excerpt from "WHEN I THINK OF LAURA NYRO" (2*)

Next message is from Microsoft/RIFFF re: their interactive musical web-site. Jane's perverse nature gets the better of her and she accepts, curious about the entrails of "such a strange (multi-nationally largest corporate) animal". Writes "The Adventures of Peony". (3*) Jane enjoys herself immensely. Runs home to check messages.

Message from Joe Jackson asking her to sing song on his new record. Sure!

Runs to taxi, practices during ride, sings , home again. (4*)

Message from Allan Pepper regarding the trilogy of live shows she's doing at the Bottom Line. Her guest list is NOT too big! Admires James' sexy voice that everyone knows.

Next message...Darol Anger asks Jane to sing Shenandoah for his new record. (5*)

Breather. Jane's message machine reflects the movement of the heavens in the form of messages of sadness, determination and despair and practicality. End of day. No...still another message!

k.d. lang asks Jane to write a song for her new album "DRAG". Jane drags her feet then comes through with "Haint It Funny?" (6*)

Jane argues with hairdresser, storms out, ignores groupies on street, heads home. Sings a little song. (7*)

Sirens go by. It's a full moon tonight. A day in the life...29 minutes.

Jane Siberry NYC 1997

excerpts from:
1* "Coming Up For Air" from PATTY LARKIN's new record "PERISHABLE FRUIT"
(Windham Hill/High Street Records - release Aug. 29/97)

2* "When I Think Of Laura Nyro" created by Siberry on "TIME AND LOVE" - a tribute to LAURA NYRO (Astor Place Recordings)

3* "THE ADVENTURES OF PEONY" from the RIFFF/Microsoft site put up March '97 with future repetitions

4* "THE BRIDGE" from JOE JACKSON's upcoming lp "HEAVEN AND HELL" (Sony Classical) - release Sept. '97

5* "OH SHENANDOAH" (work version) from DAROL ANGER'S "HERITAGE" (Six Degrees Records) - release Sept. '97

6* "HAINT IT FUNNY" original demo by Siberry March '97 sung by k.d. lang on her new recording "DRAG" - released summer '97

7* "IN MY DREAM" by Siberry (unrecorded)

in order of appearance:
Edward Leith, Tanya Speight & Susan Goodfellow, Dave Hickey/Ricardo the hairdresser, Jehovah's Witness, Ben (last name?) (yes!), Patty Larkin, nyc taxi drivers, Phil Stein (taxi receipt!), the people of Leroy St., Peter Gallway, Jim Bessman, Andrea Weatherhead, Allan Pepper, James Whaley, Joe Jackson, Darol Anger, Helen Veninger , Hallie Skye Veninger Switzer (you are four!), Rebecca Campbell, Shirley Stewart

Created/Produced/Recorded by ("butterfingers") Siberry

Engineered/Sampled/Mixed by David Travers-Smith who went to computer town with a sheet and sandals and came back fully dressed.