Audio Clips

This page contains a slew of song samples to whet your appetite. (There are no complete songs here... can you say copyright infringement?)

Note: These are currently in Real Audio (.ra/.ram) format, but will be converted to MP3. And yes, some new ones from the New York Trilogy and Hush will be added.

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Oh My Sister   
The Long Pirouette  


Lovin' Cup  
Lovin' Cup Remix  

When I Was A Boy


Bound By The Beauty

The Gospel According
     to Darkness
An Angel Stepped Down (and
   Slowly Looked Around) 
The Vigil  


Bound By The Beauty  
The Life Is The Red

The Walking


The Speckless Sky

The Walking  


One More Colour  
The Taxi Ride  

No Borders Here


Jane Siberry

The Waitress  
Mimi On The Beach  


Writers Are A Funny
Above The Treeline  

Winter, Fire, & Snow


The Crow

Are You Burning, Little


It Can't Rain All The

Songs From The Cold


Faraway, So Close

She's Like The Swallow  


Slow Tango  

Maniac Mansion



Theme Song From
     Maniac Mansion  




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The clips are listed by album, in reverse chronological order. Each album name is a link to additional information about that album, and each song name is a link to the lyrics of that song. (Since Maniac Mansion isn't really an album, it's link-less.)