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The Big Question

What is this all about?

Trajectory is a mailing list devoted to the discussion of the work of the Canadian singer and songwriter Veda Hille. 

Veda And Her Work

Who is Veda Hille?

Veda Hille is an amazing singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and accordion player from Vancouver, B.C. who has been recording since 1991. For more information, see her official press info

How does she pronounce her name?

VAY-duh HIL-lee. 

Where does her name come from?

"Veda" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "sacred text". "Hille" is a German name (pronounced a bit differently in Germany, but hey :). 

How many albums does she have?

Veda has released five full-length CD's, Path Of A Body (1994), Spine (1996), Here Is A Picture (songs for E Carr) (1997), You Do Not Live In This World Alone (1999), and the brand-new Field Study, which was recorded live at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre in December of 2000.  A live CD from the German Women In (E)Motion series came out in 1996. A cassette called Songs About People And Buildings was released in 1991. For complete information about these releases, see her official discography

What label is she on?

Veda currently releases all of her music independently in Canada, distributed by Festival Distribution. Her production company is called Ball Of Flames Productions.  For American distribution, she is on the independent label Bottom Line Records. Spine was reissued in the U.S. on May 5, 1998.  There are no concrete plans to release anything else at this time (this includes the new album).

Where can I see her play live?

Veda performs across her native Canada, as well as the northwestern and northeastern United States and central Europe.  Keep checking back with her tour schedule or our news page for exact dates. 

How can I get more information?

Veda's official home page is at http://www.vedahille.com. It's a really cool site, with a lot of useful information.  Also, there is a list of links to articles and other info here

Does she have a mailing list?

Now she does!  Click on "Veda's mailing list" at the left to add your name and address.

General List-Type Questions

Why is the list called "trajectory"?

The word comes from the liner notes to Veda's first CD Path Of A Body

tra-jec-to-ry / tra'dg ektari / n: path of a body moving under given forces
It sounded cool at the time. :) 

Is this an official mailing list?

No. Trajectory is strictly a fan-run operation. It is not officially connected to Veda Hille or to Ball Of Flames Productions or Bottom Line Records in any way. However, Veda is aware of the list and is supportive of this outlet to get information and news out, and any attempt to spread the word about her music wherever possible. 

Is Veda on the list?

No. While Veda is aware of the existence of the list, she has decided not to actively participate, so as not to promote self-censorship among the list members. There may be some opportunities for list members to interact with her in future, though -- stay tuned! 

Is the list moderated?

No. It is hoped that the list members will share the responsibility of keeping this a flame-free, high signal-to-noise environment. However, the listowner reserves the right to step in in the (hopefully unlikely) event that it becomes necessary. 

Is the list loose-mail only, or is there a digest version?

The list is available in both formats. The digest is generated once daily at approximately 3 AM EST. 

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to the loose-mail version, send a note to majordomo@smoe.org with 

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in the body. 

To subscribe to the digest version, send a note to majordomo@smoe.org with 

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How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe from the loose-mail version, send a note to majordomo@smoe.org with 

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Where do I send posts to the list?

All posts should be sent to trajectory@smoe.org

Are there archives available anywhere?

Yes. All of the Digests are archived at http://www.smoe.org/lists/trajectory

Who runs the list?

The list was created and is maintained by Meredith Tarr (your humble listowner), and is hosted at smoe.org (thanks to Jeff Wasilko for the server space). 

I hate spam. Will I get any if I join this list?

The list has been configured to only allow posts from the addresses that are subscribed to it. Posts from unsubscribed addresses are forwarded to the listowner for approval. If it's spam, it's toast. If it's a legitimate post, it will be forwarded to the list proper as soon as possible. To avoid any delays in your posts reaching the list, please be sure to subscribe to the list using the exact address from which your posts will come! There are ways to deal with any confusion this may cause -- your humble listowner will gladly assist you if there are problems. 

In addition, no one who is not currently subscribed to the list can access the subscriber list using majordomo. 

I'm going away for a while. What should I do?

If you're going away for any length of time (school vacation, extended business trip etc.), it is highly recommended that you unsubscribe yourself from the list and re-sub when you get back. This will keep your humble listowner happy (no messy bounces to deal with when your mailbox fills up). You will always be able to catch up on what you missed by checking out the archives

My provider was having problems and I didn't get mail for a while. Now it's fixed, but I'm not getting any mail from the list. What happened?

Bounced mail from the list goes back to the listowner. If three bounces are received in succession from the same address, that address is unsubscribed from the list. You can always re-sub via majordomo once the problems at your site have been fixed. 

Thanks for joining, and have fun!

This FAQ Created 9/7/97, Last updated 4/14/01 by Meredith Tarr