Inspired by the always amusing drinking game played at the monthly Xena Nights at Meow Mix, and prodded along by a thoroughly unscrupulous friend, I bring you all:
Dark Angel
The Drinking Game
(If you are under 21, this game is to be played with Tang instead of alcohol. :)


* Max defies gravity 1 drink
* Max uses her Bionic Woman sight 1 drink
* Max's pager goes off 1 drink
* Max mentions her DNA, or uses the words "genetically engineered" 1 drink
* Max jumps off a building 1 drink
* Max throws someone else off a building 1 drink
* Max jumps through a window 1 drink
* Max tosses someone else through a window 1 drink
* One of those hover-thingies appears around Max 1 drink
* Original Cindy refers to herself in the third person 1 drink
* Original Cindy says the words "lesbian" or "homosexual" 1 drink
* Normal calls anyone at Jam Pony an "Idiot", "Moron", or something else disparaging 1 drink
* Normal says "bip-bip-bip" 1 drink
* Logan sends out an "Eyes Only" broadcast drink until the broadcast is over

Bonus Rules:

* When Logan tries to stand up 2 drinks
     * If he actually stands up pound a full glass
* When Logan and Max come this close to kissing 2 drinks
     * If they actually kiss pound a full glass
* If any Xena reference is made (visual or spoken) pound a full glass
* If Herbal says something intelligible pound a full glass, THEN try to
repeat what he said.  If you don't
get it right, pound another one. :)

I expect much fun may be had with this game.
If you have any additional rules to suggest, please e-mail me !!

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