Jewel Kilcher Tour Dates

This page contains dates for Jewel's upcoming tour dates.


Jewel on tour in 1997
Date Venue City State
02/20/97 Chapin Hall,Mt. Holyoke South Hadley MA
02/21/97 The Orpheum Boston MA
02/22/97 Memorial Auditorium Burlington VT
02/23/97 The Palace New Haven CT
02/24/97 off-pre Grammys
02/25/97 off-pre Grammys
02/26/97 Grammy Awards,Madison Square Garden(TV) NYC NY
02/28/97 Colby Gym,Colby College Waterville ME
03/01/97 Alumni Hall Providence RI
03/02/97 Beacon Theater NYC NY
03/03/97 Beacon Theater NYC NY
03/04/97 travel day
03/05/97 Theater El Olympia Montreal (Canada)
03/06/97 Music Hall (on sale 2/6/97) Toronto (Canada)
03/07/97 Tonight Show(Leno) Burbank CA
03/08/97 Palumbo Center Pittsburg PA
03/09/97 Tower Theater Philadelphia PA
03/10/97 9:30 Club Washington DC
03/11/97 9:30 Club Washington DC

Please note: The following are Unconfirmed Dates. They may not happen.

Unconfirmed tour dates for 1997
Date Venue City State
03/12/97 Music Hall or Lakewood Civic Cleveland OH
03/13/97 travel day
03/14/97 Murate Center Indianapolis IN
03/15/97 Palace Theater Columbus OH
03/16/97 State Theater Detroit MC
03/17/97 travel day
03/18/97 The Orpheum Minneapolis MN
03/19/97 travel day
03/20/97 Chicago Theater Chicago IL
03/21/97 American Theater St.Louis MO
03/22/97 Memorial Auditorium Kansas City MO
03/23/97 travel day
03/24/97 travel day
03/25/97 The Paramount Theater Denver CO
03/26/97 (Possible Jewel w/ Counting Crows)
03/27/97 travel day (or see above)
03/28/97 Paramount Theater OR Moore Theater Seattle WA
03/29/97 Vogue Theater Vancouver BC
03/30/97 FESTIVAL, Schnitzer Theater Portland OR
03/31/97 day off
04/01/97 Warfield Theater OR Berkeley Community Theater SF CA
04/02/97 Wiltern Theater Los Angeles CA
04/03/97 Wiltern Theater Los Angeles CA
04/04/97 Civic Arena OR Rimac Arena San Diego CA

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