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Happy Rhodes
Dead On The Vine

Happy has has never performed this song live and it's never been made publically available. It was floating around on the old Napster then disappeared, but not before it was grabbed by a fan and made available to other fans (with Happy's reluctant blessing).

Happy did not write the lyrics. They are a poem that Happy's mother wrote and Happy set to music. The lyrics as they appear here were figured out by fans. We make no clain that they're 100% correct, but we believe they are, or at least very close.

Dead On The Vine

Where is the Trust that long ago Died?
The Dream of an Ethic that hadn't been tried?
When did we Bury the Faith that we shared?
Did we kill it off because we were Scared?

Are we so Insecure that we refuse to believe,
In a total commitment that we'd Vowed to achieve?
When all the Battles were Fought was the War Decided?
Did we Struggle for a World now Divided?

Are we so Disillusioned that we don't even Complain?
Death to the Screaming...! and Ignoring all the Pain...?
Have we gone past all the Points of No Returning?
Do we watch as Lifetimes are Burning?

Where did it go: all the Passion and Longing?
When did we Lose all the Need for Belonging?
Gone are all our Dreams -- the Hills and the Wine...
What Remains? Love is Dead On the Vine...

1985(?) Happy Rhodes

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