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Mouth Jewelry Image Gallery
an archive of braces pictures

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Welcome to our Image Gallery.

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Close-Ups :

FilenameImage SizeColorsFilesizeDescription
bonding.gif[thumbnail] [image] 300x20225642014 bonding of braces
d06_f.gif[thumbnail] [image] 321x13525632529 ...
elastic.gif[thumbnail] [image] 252x16325630339 elastics
g06_ld.gif[thumbnail] [image] 393x31225663172 ...
goldsmil.gif[thumbnail] [image] 183x822569564 gold braces
image1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 363x45416M30424 a metallic smile
limg0613.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 768x51216M15849 clear braces
mjtit.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 500x39316M37988 old Mouth Jewelery title image
newbrace.gif[thumbnail] [image] 364x22225683658 ...
r.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 598x54516M31859 big metal mouth
revpul2a.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 677x607256 greys85435 reverse-pull headgear
scan01.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 800x56016M66066 headgear
teeth2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 220x9516M15536 complicated braces
wire1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 833x33416M60313 complicated braces
wire2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 516x288256 greys35178 ...
xb2f.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 427x5962567201 ...

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Females :

FilenameImage SizeColorsFilesizeDescription
amithg1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 357x40016M19881 girl with facebow, video grab from "Amityville Horror"
anne.gif[thumbnail] [image] 240x32016M36424 girl with braces (low quality)
bc2yng.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 326x46616M30728 girl with facebow (profile)
braces.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 800x60016M70204 Girl with glasses and braces
bracesa1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 320x34016M16627 two teen girls with braces
bracesb2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 320x24016M12404 teen girl with braces
bracesd1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 320x24016M15268 teen girl with braces
cb0006.gif[thumbnail] [image] 393x31225681313 Three girls, one has braces
cc4.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 858x585256 greys70247 girl with headgear (profile)
cindy03a.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 964x76816M146408 Cindy Crawford with a tin grin! (from "Pepsi" commercial)
diane.gif[thumbnail] [image] 354x46916M77238 girl with braces (low quality)
elan.gif[thumbnail] [image] 353x47225689725 advert for ceramic braces
facemsk1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 522x68516M70046 girl with facemask
facemsk2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 688x584256 greys74873 girl with facemask (profile)
facemsk6.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 437x585256 greys43253 girl with facemask
helmet.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 518x559256 greys61607 girl with double headgear and 'helmet' (profile)
hgearpro.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 481x51125665486 girl with complicated headgear (profile)
hingis.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 394x37225632219 Martina Hingis (low quality)
hp1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 641x811256 greys65693 girl with high-pull headgear
hp2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 706x804256 greys75302 girl with high-pull headgear (profile)
hp3.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 609x900256 greys67624 girl with high-pull headgear
image2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 693x112216M125814 girl with facebow (profile)
intlan1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 450x534256 greys36414 girl with double headgear
itzdawn.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 314x36916M28531 girl with braces
joleen.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 395x488256 greys35613 girl with glasses and braces
kess.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 362x38316M32831 girl from "Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten" (German TV)
lady.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 288x21216M17490 woman with ceramic braces
newgear.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 250x17616M19935 girl with facebow
rb_p.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 500x39316M171255 Pretty girl, braces added with paint program (!)
revhdgr.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 500x57425648312 drawing of a girl with reverse-pull headgear
revpul2b.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 372x606256 greys50499 girl with reverse-pull headgear
revpul2c.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 475x611256 greys66585 girl with reverse-pull headgear
revpull1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 445x576256 greys57523 girl (?) with reverse-pull headgear
revpull3.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 579x869256 greys82458 drawing of girl with reverse-pull headgear
scan02.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 640x55616M46523 girl(?) getting headgear
scan03.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 640x57716M51929 girl(?) getting facemask
smile.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 562x45516M69684 woman with braces
sp1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 543x641256 greys40563 girl with straight-pull headgear
sp2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 610x622256 greys57451 girl with straight-pull headgear (profile)
stephani.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 601x769256 greys77301 girl with braces
tg18.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 598x54516M68205 Mother and daugther with braces and headgear
tracey75.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 427x59625673601 Girl with braces

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Males :

FilenameImage SizeColorsFilesizeDescription
cc1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 855x609256 greys65468 boy with headgear (profile)
facemsk3.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 525x729256 greys61549 boy with facemask
facemsk4.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 501x729256 greys58076 boy with facemask (profile)
facemsk5.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 591x729256 greys78619 boy with facemask (profile)
facemsk7.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 439x579256 greys41143 boy with facemask
facemsk8.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 439x577256 greys37347 boy with facemask
head8.gif[thumbnail] [image] 512x25525647897 drawing of headgears
hgfrhell.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 456x45416M112388 Headgear from Hell
image15.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 500x42816M50121 boy attaching his high-pull headgear
miles1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 384x48016M20545 Miles Series: video grabs of a boy from "Mr. Belvedere": braces and headgear
miles2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 338x47416M22995 Miles Series part 2
miles3.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 346x47816M20728 Miles Series part 3
miles5.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 200x24316M34775 Miles Series part 5
miles6.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 274x32316M55756 Miles Series part 6
miles7.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 307x32416M62920 Miles Series part 7
miles8.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 250x23616M44602 Miles Series part 8
milesws4.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 421x26016M16943 Miles character again
orgp2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 300x25516M15652 two boys with headgear (from "Mr. Belvedere")

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Miscellaneous :

FilenameImage SizeColorsFilesizeDescription
3x3ret.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 497x40516M44521 bonded retainer on teeth model
6x6lin.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 440x40416M29929 lingual arch on teeth model
actua1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 412x30716M36140 Woodside Activator on teeth model
actua2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 386x37216M39666 Class II Activator on teeth model
actua3.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 406x37216M45025 Teuscher Activator on teeth model
anbplat.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 400x36016M17435 anterior bite plate on teeth model
bio1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 341x40516M40375 Bionator I on teeth model
bio2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 341x40516M43383 Bionator II on teeth model
fanexp.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 400x37516M20586 fan expander on teeth model
frank1.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 354x46416M48010 Fränkel I appliance on teeth model
frank2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 373x45116M37527 Fränkel II appliance on teeth model
frank5.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 373x44416M41328 Fränkel V appliance on teeth model
hbtret.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 450x42216M24856 habit crib & retainer on teeth model
herbst2.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 250x21116M9381 Herbst appliance on teeth model
hwlyret.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 400x36016M17885 Hawley retainer on teeth model
nance.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 358x33516M30424 Nance Appliance on teeth model
nitegard.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 386x33416M28844 Celb Nightguard on teeth model
retainer.gif[thumbnail] [image] 144x15425616663 retainer on teeth model
rexpand.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 386x34016M29792 Hyrax Rapid Palatel Expander on teeth model
riktset.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 400x36016M17420 Ricketts retainer on teeth model
sagital.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 569x41816M67070 Saggital appliance on teeth model
spacer.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 452x32616M47858 space regainer (left) and maintainer (right) on teeth model
spectrum.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 250x11116M11168 colored elastics on teeth model
spring.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 802x44216M57474 teeth model with colored braces
thmbcrib.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 372x33516M35727 "Habit Rake" on teeth model
wexpand.jpg[thumbnail] [image] 386x32916M30399 Quad Helix W Expander on teeth model

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