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Last Updated: 16 May 1999

This list was originally created to provide pointers to lists for people who were interested in the practical, as opposed to the academic, aspects of the occult. Since ARCANA's termination in July 1998, this list has been maintained for people who are interested in finding mailing lists which address various areas of occult interests.

For many of these topics, there are a multitude of mailing lists, some with a very specialized focus. Additionally, the advent of web-based mailing list services has seen a rapid increase in the number of mailing lists out there. In the interest of keeping this index manageable and useful, I've listed the more general mailing lists when possible.

If you maintain a mailing list which you would liks to see listed here, please send a note to with the list name, a description, and subscription information.

To join a list that is administered by LISTSERV, majordomo, listproc or mailserv, simply send a message to the mailing list manager's address, with the words "subscribe <listname>" in the body of the message. For example, to join the alexandria mailing list, send a note to with the words "subscribe alexandria" in the message body.

Mailing lists which are administered by other flavors of mailing list managers will have specific instructions listed.

General Magic

arcana on

General, scholarly discussion of the occult.

draiocht on

Magic and divination with a Celtic and druidical emphasis.

occult on

General discussion of arcane arts and sciences.


Discussions of the Tarot.

tiamat-l on

"Testing the Internet As Magickal/Aethyric Tool."

Discussion of magickal experimentation using the Internet as medium. This includes the planning of specific experiments, reports of previous experiments, and the discussion of resources and techniques.


festival on

For serious students of astrology. Discussion and exploration of various facets of astrological techniques, theories.

Chaos Magic

chaos-l on

Discussion of chaos, chaos theory, chaos magick, and topics thereof.

Christian Magic

fiat-lvx on

Discussion and networking among Christians who have an interest in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Beginners as well as initiates are welcome, flames and preaching are not.

silverchalice on

SilverChalice is an Internet elist dedicated to promoting discussion and networking among those interested and involved in Esoteric and Magickal Christianity. We hope to provide a forum where a wide variety of subjects related Christian magickal and esoteric thought and practice are discussed.

Hermeticism and Kabbalah

enochian-l on

Discussion of Enochiana and related topics.

gnostic-list on

An open forum for the discussion of Gnosticism and related topics. Unmoderated, but not unmonitored.

kabbalah-l on

A list for the discussion of Kabbalah, in all of its forms.


Qaballah Discussion Forum

Thelema and Crowleyana

lvx-l on

Golden Dawn mailing list.

thelema93-l on

Thelema93-l is a forum dedicated to the discussion of "Thelema" by any understanding, inclusive of topics ranging from magick, mysticism, religion and philosophy, writers like Rabelais and Crowley, and organizations such as "the OTO" and "the Thelemic Golden Dawn", to tangental but pertinent discussions of these or other subjects relating to Thelema in imaginative ways.


Pagan Lists at onelist

At last count, 843 "communities" (as onelist calls them) which deal with paganism of all sorts.


A mailing list is for the communication of ideas and information between Asatru folk and interested parties. Posts on any topic connected with the practice of Asatru and the rebuilding of the Elder Troth are welcome.

asatru-l on

General discussion of Asatru with a focus on individual and inter-organizational cooperation, resource sharing, and communication.

(There are also a number of other specialized Asatru mailing lists, described at The Irminsul Ættir.)

grimoire-l on

Moderated discussion about topics relative to Pagan traditions including, but are not limited to, Asatru, Druidism, Odinism, Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Shamanism, and Stregheria.

jap-l on

A list for Jewish Pagans, Jewwitches, Jewish mages, and those interested in Judeopaganism and Semitic Paganism in general, whether as a practitioner or a scholar or just plain interested.

malefica-l on

A forum for darkside-oriented pagans, shamans and witches.


The communication forum for members of the Nature Religions Scholars Network. Subscription information is available by request only. Contact Chas Clifton for more information.

nemeton on

Scholarly aspects of Celtic reconstructionist and recreationist Paganism with a Celtic Pagan and Druidic focus.

Pagan-Forum on

A digestified mailing list dealing with all things related to Paganism, including rituals, ethics, chants and songs, dancing, candles, personal introspection, and the like. Formerly the Pagan Digest at drycas.

pagan-home on

Pagan-Home is a mail list for individuals of any race, creed, color, religion, or sexual preference who wish to explore paganism or neo-paganism.

polytheology-l on

Discussion forum for theological issues of paganism, neo-paganism and other alternatie spiritualities, whether as a practictioner, scholar or interested contributor.

rune-l on

The Runic, Odinist, and Asatru mailing list. For discussion of Norse Paganism, Asatru, Odinism, Runes, and Nordic spirituality and magic.

witchhaven on

"WitchHaven is a mailing list for the Magickal Community to share ideals, knowledge and more with others and make new friends."


avalone on

Discussion of reincarnation and past life experiences.


Parapsychology Discussion Forum


The UFO Mailing List