Le village vert

Le village vert is an independant label which produces french music of the indiepop genre. The only trouble with them is that they only publish good music and in the end it badly hurts the wallet :-). Here is the list, not complete, of the artists signed by the label:

What's new in the village?

The Panorama compilation was recently released. If you live outside France you may experience difficulties to find it. Contact me and I will see what I can do. This album contains a never released before track by Autour de Lucie.

Upcoming releases for the coming months are:

04/16 Album of Czerkinsky

end of may EP superflu

9/15 Mikado, a compilation

The label address is: Le village vert, 7 rue chaptal, 75009 Paris

Phone: 01 40 16 90 12

You can also send a message there and I will forward it.

Yves Denneulin