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Les Brouillons

Welcome to les Brouillons, the Autour de Lucie mailing list!

This list was created to discuss and share infos on the french band Autour de Lucie. Acceptable topics of discussion include news, tour dates, album or single releases, reviews of concerts or albums and any commentaries on the band's work. It is also intended as a way to meet new AdL fans around the world. It is bilingual french/english, members are encouraged to send their messages with a brief summary of its content in both languages so that everyone can follow the discussion.

It is hoped that the list will remain a flame-free environment; while unmoderated, the listowner does reserve the right to take appropriate action in the (hopefully unlikely) event that it becomes necessary.

The list is available via loose-mail or in digest form. Loose-mail means that every time a post is sent to the list, you will get it too. Digest form means that posts to the list are collected and sent out at regular intervals as one chunk organized in one piece of mail. If you are concerned with controlling the amount of mail you receive, the Digest may be the best choice for you.

To subscribe to the loose-mail version, send a note to majordomo@smoe.org with

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To unsubscribe, send a note to majordomo@smoe.org with

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The address for posting to the list is brouillons@smoe.org. Subscribe/unsubscribe requests sent to this address will be ignored. Please note that in order to prevent spam, the list is configured to only accept mail from the addresses in the subscription list; if you subscribe using a different address than you intend to post from, your posts will not make it to the list.

Your listowner is Yves Denneulin (denneuli@lifl.fr). Please e-mail me with any questions you may have. Thanks to Jeff Wasilko for graciously providing the server space on smoe.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you will enjoy this list as much as you enjoy Autour de Lucie music.

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